Thursday, 23 July 2009

Objet shows Printed Objects

Amazing 3D 'printed' objects from ObJet ... but Objet are really going to have to work on improved communications in the first part of this video. I failed to count how many times the presenter explained what was going on while managing to explain nothing at all!

Thursday, 16 July 2009

Bruce Sterling

Utter genius. Stick with it. Can 3D Printing save us?

Objects are print-outs!

[snip] ... the "objects are print-outs" line stuck with me. It encapsulates not just an attitude towards material possessions, but--in one pithy phrase--one possible shape of the next economy. Take a design for a simple product--an engine part, for example, or a piece of silverware, and feed it into a computer. Press "print." Out pops (for a sufficiently wide definition of "pops") a physical duplicate, made out of materials plastic, ceramic, metal -- even sugar. Press "print" again, and out comes another copy--or feed in a new design, for the next necessary object.

Tuesday, 14 July 2009

3D Printing - The Next File Sharing?

[snip] the future will see file-sharing networks trade designs for (possibly copyrighted) products. Make a bedside lamp, flyswatter, pair of sandals, plastic wine glass or a coat hook, rather than buying one. The makers say that the next version will even be able to make its own electronic circuitry. Pirate Bay founder labels 3D printers "the future of sharing"

Friday, 10 July 2009

Fab @ Home Video

Now you can buy relatively cheap 'kits' for 3D printing. The printing process is simpler than the high end printers from ZCorp or Objet, results won't be as professional, but the fact this is possible, at this price point, is testament to the inherent simplicity of the 3D printing process and the rapid comoditization of the parts required to build a 3D printer. Watch this video, think about your application and then go buy yourself a kit and start to Fab @ Home: