Sunday, 29 March 2009

Ball trapped in a spiral cage

Surprising what can be '3D Printed'. Here, a ball is trapped in a spiral cage. Printed in one go.

Friday, 27 March 2009

ObJet Printing

[snip] Parts that are difficult or impossible to make by conventional subtractive methods can be produced by additive fabrication but there are still a few limitations to what can be printed and these include wall thickness, overall physical size and the ability of the software to process your digital designs.

3D Printing You!

[snip] Just last week I wrote about advances in medical technology that were making print-out flesh and organs possible. Now they're printing out bones. The tests at Insel hospital, Switzerland, were so successful that an exact printout replica of a human thumb bone has been created for the first time ever. 3D Printers to Make Replacement Bones

Just how important is 3D Printing?

Replicator and Fabbaloo exchange views. Why 3D Printers won't go mainstream or Five Reasons Why [they will] What's your opinion?

Thursday, 26 March 2009

Materialize Magics Software

[snip] For everyone who works with STL files, Magics is the ideal and complete software solution. Magics sets the standard for ease of use and efficiency when working with faceted data. It offers advanced and highly automated tools for STL manipulation. You can correct an STL file in a matter of minutes with the help of unmatched tools to interact directly on defective triangles. Magics gives you full control over your STL files. Among the offered functions you find: * Visualisation, measuring and manipulation of STL files * Fixing STL files, uniting shells, trimming surfaces, double triangle detector * Cutting STL files, punching holes, extruding surfaces, hollowing, applying offset * Boolean operations, triangle reduction, smoothing, labelling * Nesting, collision detection * Colouring STL files Materialize Magics

3D Creation Lab UK

[snip] Using a technology called 3D printing, 3D Creation Lab can turn your designs into reality. Just send us your design for a quotation and when you are ready to order we will print it out and ship it to you - simple. This service is available to anybody, we don't just supply to businesses we will supply to anybody that can benefit from the 3D printing process.

Tuesday, 24 March 2009

ZCorp Spectrum Z510

[snip] The premier feature of the Z510, however, is its ability to print objects in full color—a feature that is unique among other RP technologies. Parts can be printed with textual labels, colored surfaces, or even with photobased textures. Also of note is the ability of the Z510 to build models with moving parts. Because parts are separated by loose powder, they can be built up against other parts without joining, so that, for instance, gears can be built onto axles that connect to other gears and axles and form a functioning machine. Three Dimensional Printing At the Advanced Media Studio