Thursday, 26 March 2009

Materialize Magics Software

[snip] For everyone who works with STL files, Magics is the ideal and complete software solution. Magics sets the standard for ease of use and efficiency when working with faceted data. It offers advanced and highly automated tools for STL manipulation. You can correct an STL file in a matter of minutes with the help of unmatched tools to interact directly on defective triangles. Magics gives you full control over your STL files. Among the offered functions you find: * Visualisation, measuring and manipulation of STL files * Fixing STL files, uniting shells, trimming surfaces, double triangle detector * Cutting STL files, punching holes, extruding surfaces, hollowing, applying offset * Boolean operations, triangle reduction, smoothing, labelling * Nesting, collision detection * Colouring STL files Materialize Magics

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