Thursday, 23 September 2010

Shapeways raises $5M and opens HQ in New York

Shapeways recently raised $5 million from Union Square Ventures in New York and Index Ventures in London. This means that Shapeways is now an independent company with Philips, Union Square and Index Ventures as shareholders. The investment enables the company to grow the team, add more features even swifter and open new Headquarters in New York.

Monday, 20 September 2010

NYT covers 3D Printing - speaks about a manufacturing revolution

"A 3-D printer, which has nothing to do with paper printers, creates an object by stacking one layer of material — typically plastic or metal — on top of another, much the same way a pastry chef makes baklava with sheets of phyllo dough. ... These days it is giving rise to a string of never-before-possible businesses that are selling iPhone cases, lamps, doorknobs, jewelry, handbags, perfume bottles, clothing and architectural models. And while some wonder how successfully the technology will make the transition from manufacturing applications to producing consumer goods, its use is exploding."