Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Is Direct Laser Writing also 3D Printing?

It now appears that anything 3D, built in 3D layers or 3D dots, now counts as '3D Printing'. (Hype and Hope in 3D Printing)  As in the story of molecular beam epitaxy let's try not to let this detract from yet another fascinating story.

Nanoscribe specialize in laser lithography or direct laser writing. The process is able to create sub-micrometer structures. Look this up in Wikipedia and you will find references to multi-photon polymerization, an optical effect.  A pulsed short wave laser activates a photo-resist compound causing a chemical and physical change within a small volume: the nanoscale volumetric pixel, or "voxel".

Read about the applications here

More pictures at the nano-scale here

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