Wednesday, 26 September 2012

3DPrintShow London 2012: Is the world about to change again?

The WWW changed the world in the 1990s. Is the world about to change again? The organisers of the first 3DPrintShow London 2012 appear to think so. Offering a live show, seminars, workshops, a 3DP art gallery and full exhibitor space, the event looks set to further raise the profile of the many innovations which some commentators say add to a new industrial revolution. 

The companies taking part in the London 3DPrintShow include [links lead to stories that feature these companies] MakerBot Industries, 3DSystems, Objet, EOS, i.Materialise, Ultimaker, Sculteo, Digital Forming, Boeing, Autodesk, PrintrBot and Inition .... an eclectic mix of technologies and innovators. Together they are driving a shift in how we think about the tangible intersection of the 'digital' and the 'material'.

The widely anticipated event is scheduled for 19-21 October, at The Brewery, London.  The organizers expect around 4,500 visitors to pass through the doors.

Is this the new manufacturing which the UK so desperately needs? Can the 3D printing meme  - a broad church and umbrella term - unite major manufacturers, software developers, design studios, architects, product designers and artists and spawn new and vibrant digital/material ecosystems?

Grab yourself a ticket and come find out!

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