Friday, 13 January 2012

BBC covers 3D Printing at CES 2012


  • In the space of 20 minutes, the MakerBot Replicator replicates a plastic bottle opener
  • Typical hobby grade plastic extrusion process is 40mm per second
  • 3D printing is nothing new, but consumer 3D printing is
  • A spool of plastic for $50 is enough to build a toy castle costing 3x the price in store
  • Intellectual property rights issues
  • 3D Systems, a product and service provider for 3D Printers and Printing employs 1000 workers worldwide
  • Expect 3D Printing 'app stores'
  • Microsoft Kinect can be used as a primitive 3D Scanner, e.g. to model a face and then to print it
  • Sculpt objects in the air and have them come to life as 3D Printed models
  • Expect sub-$500 3D home printers in the future
  • ABS plastic, as used in some printers, does not break down in the environment
  • 3D Systems higher end machines can work in metals, nylons, powders and liquids [not sure what is meant here]
  • MakerBot Industries want to put a 3D Print-based manufacturing unit on the Moon

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