Friday, 13 January 2012

MatterPort uses Kinect for easy 3D Capture/Scan

MatterPort is creating a revolutionary new point-and-shoot 3D scanning system.  The software, combined with inexpensive 3D capture hardware, such as a Microsoft Kinect motion controller, will allow anyone to create 3D models of physical objects and interior spaces quickly and easily.

"Before the invention of the camera, capturing an image from the real world was an expensive and difficult process.  It required a painter with years of training, and the painter needed several days to make a realistic painting.  Now anyone can pull a phone out of their pocket and snap a picture in an instant.  The ease with which we can capture and share images has tremendously impacted how the world works. We are making a similar transition happen for the capture of 3D scenes. We want to allow anyone, not just 3D artists with years of training, to capture the 3D world around them." -- MatterPort

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