Thursday, 4 April 2013

IT Industry wakes up to 3D Printing?

You know a topic has crossed the chasm when the mainstream IT media want to talk about it, even though they are sorely ill-equipped to do so. I'm not aware of many IT pundits and analysts being 'up' on their material science and manufacturing process.

NetworkWorld's traditional stomping ground is IT Security, LANs and WANs, IT Infrastructure Management and Data Center. So its was with some surprise that they announced the Three biggest misconceptions about 3D printing.

We believe that NetworkWorld picked up on '3D Printing' as a result of an article by IT Analyst group Gartner who have released a report predicting that "Enterprise-class 3D printers will be available for less than $2,000 by 2016". And the misconceptions are:

    Misconception #1: Access to 3D printers should be limited to a select few
    Misconception #2: 3D printing is an over-hyped, consumer fad
    Misconception #3: 3D printing requires lots of training

Wow. Normal service will be resumed shortly.

Gartner on 3D Printing

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