Friday, 2 November 2012

3D Cutting .... just as much fun as 3D Printing?

You might desire your very own 3D 'additive' Printer at home, but could you have just as much fun with a 3D 'subtractive' Cutter? In industry these are known as 'Mills'.

The hobby-focussed Mini 3D Mill from iModela (a Roland company mostly known for electronic keyboards and musical synthesizers) shows how it might not just be 3D Printers that end up in our garages and sitting rooms. Watch how, once again, its the software stupid!


The single machine can cut resins, modelling board, plastic, jellutong, PCB laminate, engraving laminate, wood, wax and others .... in many many colours. That's far more versatile than a typical home 3D printer. It cannot, of course, cut 'voids' in objects, nor complex geometries. But even a hobby mill like the iModela can produce better surface finish and details.

Will there be an explosion of 3D Cutters as with 3D Printers? Do we need both at home? Is a hybrid machine viable? After all, how many 3D Printers do I need at home?  Fancy adding a foam cutter from Frog3D?

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