Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Stratasys and Autodesk 97% Cost Reduction 83% Time Reduction

In a showcase project, Stratasys working with Autodesk have demonstrated how a full-scale turbo-prop aircraft engine model can be produced at 97% cost reduction and in 83% less time - only 6 weeks  end to end.

The engine was crafted using Autodesk Inventor software, and printed in parts on both Fortus and Dimension 3D printers.

"The engine’s gear box includes two sets of gears, which operate two sets of propellers that move in counter rotation to each other. With an engine length of over 10 feet, a blade-span of 10.5 feet, and 188 components, the engine model is massive in size. It includes several large parts, such as six propeller blades, each measuring 4.5 feet."

More info here

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